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BACS accredited Direct Debit & Credit Bureau

Join hundreds of businesses using our service for hassle-free and reliable Bacs processing. Our bureau service is a cost-effective way to make regular or ad hoc payments, such as supplier payments, payroll and to collect Direct Debits.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

100% Customer Centric

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Security Is Our Priority

APT - BACS Approved Payments Software & Bureau

Authorised and regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority

Over 2500

Active users

49 million

Transactions processed annually

£40 billion

Transfered annually

Direct debit payments should be simple and efficient

Direct Debit offers thousands of businesses the
most cost effective and efficient approach to collecting payments from customers.


Using a Bureau means that you can simply send files with all your direct debit and direct credit transactions to the bureau.

The bureau will then process the file and send it to Bacs for you, removing any need for expensive processing software and reducing the risks of mistakes and missed payments and collections.

All Bacs approved Bureaux are subject to regular inspection and review by Bacs to ensure they meet the standards set by the Bacs scheme; so, you can rest assured that your payments are safe.

APT'S Direct Debit bureau. How it works?

Simple and Secure Bacs Bureau Service. Accredited by Bacs directly.

01. Upload your file online

Your file can be uploaded by logging in to our Bureau online Service through our website Files must arrive at least three working days prior to the payment/collection date.

02. We process it

A notification is automatically generated and sent to APT with details of the file submitted for processing with email confirmation returned to you.

03. We notify you

After the file has been processed, you will be notified that a Pre-Submission listing is available to be downloaded from our Bureau online Service.

04. At the end we invoice you only for what you have been using

An invoice for the processing run/s will be emailed to you.

How KMP saved hours by using APT’s bureau

KMP is a leading Chartered Accountancy and Business Advisory firm in South London, providing quality and bespoke accountancy and tax services to their clients

They specialize in areas such as Tax Services, Audit, Financial Planning, Accounts, Corporate Finance, Business Start Ups, Payroll Services, VAT and Bookkeeping.

We have spoken to Priyesh Shavdia on his experience in using APT’s Accredited Bacs Bureau Service to send payroll payments on behalf of KMP clients.

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More than half UK businesses using Bacs services in the UK make their Direct Debit and Direct Credit payment submissions through a Bacs Approved Bureaux. They are referred to as indirect submitters, (rather than submitting files themselves, directly to Bacs).

Client testimonials


“ I want to let you know about the EXCELLENT, FIRST CLASS, IMMEDIATE & PROFESSIONAL service I receive from the APT Support Team. We moved to APT as a new customer in May 2016 and the service has always been exceptional. ”

Education Authority

"You guys are truly the best. I wish I were exaggerating. Your software and the processes we run on it are critical to us and our clients. It is, therefore, stressful when things go wrong. So thank you for your swift support."

Epsilon Business Services Ltd

"The APT portal makes BACS very easy to use so the skills are quickly transferable. APT have set up templates to ensure our payrolls import directly to BACS and our team have found the import process both timesaving and straightforward."

Denise Bishop, Tiger Recruitment

"APT’s team was fantastic in helping us implement bureau payments system and continues to be very very helpful. A great extension to the services we provide."

Priyesh Shavdia, KMP

"We’ve had a business relationship for a number of years and I can say is that the product works and on the very rare occasions I’ve needed support it’s been handled promptly and professionally."

James Andrews, Maritime Transport


What is a Service User Number (SUN)?

The Term Service User Number or SUN refers to the unique identifier that is used by organisations and businesses collecting payments or paying payees via the bacs service.

What is an indirect submitter?

If you are an indirect submitter, you will be linked to APT by the bank so that we can submit transactions on your behalf without the need for Smart Cards. This gives you more flexibility to use multiple devices, also allowing you to access APT BOS anywhere, without the need to install smart card reader software.

How do I get a Service User Number?

Service User Numbers or SUN’s are issued by Bacs to organisations sponsored by the UK’s major banks. Every bank will have their own application process.

How do we start using APT’s Bureau?

It’s really simple. Call your sponsoring bank and ask them to link your SUN to APT’s Bureau Number and away you go.

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