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Bank Sort Code & Account Number Validation API

Integrate automated Sort Code & bank account validation engine into your service or software. Our API allows instant checking of bank account details using most up-to-date EISCD data.

Most up-to-date EISCD data

Avoids delays

Eliminates failed direct debit payments

APT - UK's Sort Code & Account Number Validation API

Real time

All checks made in real time

More than 10k

Bank account validations annually

Rest API

Quick & secure rest API

Bank account verification API

used for reducing human error when entering in data manually.

Reliable point-of-entry data is necessary for uncompromised cashflow, which in result saves money by avoiding returned payment bank charges or payment errors.


Make sure bank account details are entered correctly when setting up Direct Debits or BACS Direct Credits

Validate any repeat payments such as subscriptions (golf clubs, charity donation payments, gym memberships etc).

Verify bank account details when using Paperless Direct Debit or employee salary payments in larger companies.

How it works?

Through a simple function call in the background, bank details can be checked as soon as the user has entered the data.

This will therefore insure only valid details are stored, reducing rejections and delays from the bank.

By using the most up-to-date EISCD data we can ensure that the validation process is always accurate, reducing users most common typing errors.


We have defined the most common API request queries but we also understand that each customer is unique and might need custom end points.

This is a premium service that will need bespoke development. If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact our sales team at or fill up the form.

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“ I want to let you know about the EXCELLENT, FIRST CLASS, IMMEDIATE & PROFESSIONAL service I receive from the APT Support Team. We moved to APT as a new customer in May 2016 and the service has always been exceptional. ”

Education Authority

"You guys are truly the best. I wish I were exaggerating. Your software and the processes we run on it are critical to us and our clients. It is, therefore, stressful when things go wrong. So thank you for your swift support."

Epsilon Business Services Ltd

"The APT portal makes BACS very easy to use so the skills are quickly transferable. APT have set up templates to ensure our payrolls import directly to BACS and our team have found the import process both timesaving and straightforward."

Denise Bishop, Tiger Recruitment

"APT’s team was fantastic in helping us implement bureau payments system and continues to be very very helpful. A great extension to the services we provide."

Priyesh Shavdia, KMP

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