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APT’s referral program is perfect for Enterprise Resource Planning, Insurance, Payroll and similar software providers whose clients need Bacs payments software. We offer a new stream of income via a generous commission package. Our dedicated Support & Sales Agents will take care of the hard work while we reward you for a simple introduction.

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Our referral program is a Bacs processing solutions partnership designed for businesses looking to increase their revenue by recommending APT to their clients.

Submit referrals to us online, and we handle the contacting of referrals directly.

Referral benefits

Dedicated & Experienced Sales Agents

Our knowledgeable sales staff will contact every referral within 24hrs if the request is received during office working days (Monday-Friday).

Customer Service Excellence

APT’s support team is taking pride in a quick response and honestly helpful support, which is highly valued by APT’s customers to whom Bacs payment processing is a critical business operation.

Why partner with us?

40 years of Bacs industry intelligence turned into fast, secure and reliable payment solutions. Our quality is controlled by industry leading certifications, but the best quality meter of all - more than a thousand satisfied users renewing year after year.

Join our referral partner program to be a part of our winning team!


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