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Multi-sun Bacstel file for large Bacs bureaux

To help larger Bureau's, APT has introduced a Multi SUN file add-on. This allows our iConnect clients to submit both credits and debits for multiple bank accounts/service user numbers within one file.

Multiple SUNs in one file

Multiple bank accounts in one file

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How does it work?

The multi sun file is achieved by utilising the Bacstel Standard 18 file format. TheBACSTEL standard 18 format contains all the submission details required by BACS in a single file.

This is particularly useful for Bureau’s that may be submitting multiple payments on behalf of several clients. With our current standard process, you would need to submit a single file per client. With the Multi SUN option, you can put all the clients in a single file, speeding up the processing time drastically.


The file structure contains parameters

that can be changed to determine whether the data is a single record or multi record file.

We then configure

the option for multi sun files for your company on our platform which allows this format through.

Validation and modulus

checks are still completed on all individual transactions.

Client testimonials


“ I want to let you know about the EXCELLENT, FIRST CLASS, IMMEDIATE & PROFESSIONAL service I receive from the APT Support Team. We moved to APT as a new customer in May 2016 and the service has always been exceptional. ”

Education Authority

"You guys are truly the best. I wish I were exaggerating. Your software and the processes we run on it are critical to us and our clients. It is, therefore, stressful when things go wrong. So thank you for your swift support."

Epsilon Business Services Ltd

"The APT portal makes BACS very easy to use so the skills are quickly transferable. APT have set up templates to ensure our payrolls import directly to BACS and our team have found the import process both timesaving and straightforward."

Denise Bishop, Tiger Recruitment

"APT’s team was fantastic in helping us implement bureau payments system and continues to be very very helpful. A great extension to the services we provide."

Priyesh Shavdia, KMP

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