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BACS Contingency Cover

Contingency Cover is provided as a backup to your own BACSTEL-IP system in the event that your company is unable to transmit to BACS.

As long as the necessary data is received in time by APT, we will transmit the file on your behalf for processing on the required date.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Significantly reduces risk of failed payments

APT - BACS Approved Payments Software & Bureau

Authorised and regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority

Over 2500

Active users

49 million

Transactions processed annually

£40 billion

Transfered annually

Powering payments for big and small enterprises

Plan ahead to avoid payments' disruption

There could be many reasons for the need of BACS contingency – damage to smartcards, computer failure, force majeure, etc. Avoid dramatic delays to your payments’ process by getting APT’s BACS Contingency Cover.

We offer a simple & straightforward process in case of emergency. Simply contact your bank to link your company to our Bureaux number and save our contact details to be ready on-hand if the emergency comes.

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How it works in case of an emergency

01. Call us

Phone APT immediately on 020 8760 9898 no later than 3.00pm.

02. Email transmission form

Email us the Emergency BACS File Transmission form, on which you will be required to re-confirm your bank details and service user number(s).

03. Securely send us your file

Send us your file(s). You can send them electronically, to through our encrypted email channel. APT must have received the files by 4.00pm the day prior to the Processing Date.

04. Receive confirmation

APT will confirm that the file has been transmitted to BACS, by e-mail. A Pre-Submission Listing and BACSTEL-iP Submission Summary Report will be emailed to you.

Client testimonials


“ I want to let you know about the EXCELLENT, FIRST CLASS, IMMEDIATE & PROFESSIONAL service I receive from the APT Support Team. We moved to APT as a new customer in May 2016 and the service has always been exceptional. ”

Education Authority

"You guys are truly the best. I wish I were exaggerating. Your software and the processes we run on it are critical to us and our clients. It is, therefore, stressful when things go wrong. So thank you for your swift support."

Epsilon Business Services Ltd

"The APT portal makes BACS very easy to use so the skills are quickly transferable. APT have set up templates to ensure our payrolls import directly to BACS and our team have found the import process both timesaving and straightforward."

Denise Bishop, Tiger Recruitment

"APT’s team was fantastic in helping us implement bureau payments system and continues to be very very helpful. A great extension to the services we provide."

Priyesh Shavdia, KMP

"We’ve had a business relationship for a number of years and I can say is that the product works and on the very rare occasions I’ve needed support it’s been handled promptly and professionally."

James Andrews, Maritime Transport