• Direct Debit

    No one in business likes to waste time and money. That's why more and more companies are switching to Direct Debit as the fastest, safest and most convenient way to be paid by consumers, customers and members. By collecting your invoices, membership fees or any other regular payment and using AUDDIS to set up and amend details electronically, you can substantially speed up your cash flow.

  • Direct Credit (BACS Payments)

    Many UK businesses are missing out on extensive cost savings which could be achieved simply by switching their method of payment from cash and cheques, to the electronic alternative provided by BACS.

    BACS Direct Credit facility can be used for Payroll, suppliers payments, expenses ? virtually any type of payment.

  • APT Services

    • iConnect
    • Web Bureau
    • Validata
  • Direct Debit Management Service

    Direct Debit system data here

  • Bureau Service

    APT has been an Approved BACS Bureau since 1981 and is authorised to make and collect payments on behalf of organisations not wishing to submit files directly to BACS themselves. This service allows you to make regular payments or Direct Debit collections to BACS without the need to purchase software or having the responsibility of ensuring that files are transmitted correctly to BACS.


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